We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead

All show photos by Harrison Scantling

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Theater Week - Feb 2019

Government-mandated chipping to end the need for sleep provides new ways to exploit workers. Dreams can’t come true when you don’t have any. Slip into your Vintage Pajamas and chase the feeling of dreaming with The Hum’n’bards. With their trademark queer rock style, The Hum’n’bards explore this 24 hour world - with underground Sleepeasies and flood lights blotting out each star in the sky.

Devised and Performed by:
Macy Jae Davis, Monica Fischer, CJ Higgins, and Taylor Plunkett-Clements

With Additional Music by:
Jeremy Adam, Courtlyn Louise Ardito, Travis Fischbach and Wyatt Flynn

Directed by Cori Maskart

Promo Photos by Courtlyn Louise
Graphics by Travis Fischbach


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City Wide Stories

God Forgive These Bastards

Philadelphia Fringe 2018

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Imagine a punk funeral for the most notorious guy in town.

In the wake of his death, those who knew him remember the life of Henry Turner: an addict, an abuser, and a master storyteller. God Forgive These Bastards is a staged adaptation of The Taxpayers’ eponymous 2012 album. Join us for the story of the man in need of redemption, and the people who aren’t ready to give it to him without a drink or twelve. 

Courtlyn Louise Ardito, Rachael Beam, Travis Fischbach, Wyatt M Flynn, Cori Maskart, Kyleen Shaw
Directed by CJ Higgins and Jessie McCormick

This show received the support of members of the band, with Rob Morton streaming the closing night performance to his fans. The show was seen by roughly 1,500 people.

Video is available upon request - humnbards@gmail.com

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Photo; Harrison Scantling

Photo; Harrison Scantling

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Photo: Harrison Scantling

Photo: Harrison Scantling


June 2017 & Philadelphia Fringe 2017

In the Hum'n'Bards second annual production, we've adapted the story of Merchant of Venice and taken themes from Animal Farm to bring you GLISTER.

Glister tells the story of Shylock, Portia, and Bassanio as they struggle to find common ground in a world controlled by judgement and greed. 

Featuring original music by the clowns, Glister will transport you to a sexy, glitter-fueled world where the Banker always wins. Join the Banker and their tribe of Sad American Clowns in this rock and roll cabaret performance, but come prepared to tip because these clowns work for cash and an empty hat can stop the show.

Eric Jaffe, Travis Fischbach, Jeremy Adam, CJ Higgins, Wyatt Flynn, Lexi Pozonsky and Taylor Plunkett-Clemens

A Folk Opera

Philadelphia Fringe 2016

Alone on fractured continents, five people must find a way to connect.

Pangaea, a post-apocalyptic folk opera, is told through vignettes made up of original music and movement with an ensemble cast. This devised theatrical piece made its world debut at the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Pangaea tells many stories: longing for friendship when all you have is canned pears, how to make use of technology when you have no one to connect with, tracking how many days it’s been since you’ve had a Domino’s pizza, and other themes about survival on your own.

The full soundtrack is available to purchase for any size donation on Bandcamp.

Devised and Performed by:
Wyatt Flynn, CJ Higgins, Jeremy Adam, Travis Fischbach, Kathy La

Directed by Jasmine Kojouri


*Please note that these reviews are old and may contain dead-names/old pronouns. Please be respectful in referencing any old reviews.
We keep everyone’s name and pronouns up to date on our website.

Phindie: "PANGAEA: A Folk Opera (Hum’n’bards): 2016 Fringe review 27" by Dorie Byrne

DC Metro Arts: 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival Review: ‘Pangaea: A Folk Opera’ at The Hum’n’Bards by Lisa Panzer

Bonaly (blog): "Pangaea: A Folk Opera" by Alexa Smith and Faye Marie


DC Metro Arts: "2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival: ‘PANGAEA’: Interviews with the Cast and Director" by Henrik Eger

Contact us at humnbards@gmail.com for more information, to schedule interviews and get access to high-resolution photos. 

 Additional Shows

Not Not The Illuminati
Theater Week 2018


Not Not The Illuminati was a one-night-only presentation for the inaugural Philadelphia Theater Week in 2018. This exclusive cabaret/conference was a mixture of Powerpoint rants and pop music starring 2018 Drag Queen of the Year, Eric Jaffe.
Eric portrayed Illuminati entertainer Sammi Starr, with original music and lyrics by Eric Jaffe, Wyatt Flynn, and Kiko McGowan.
Additional performances by Wyatt Flynn, Taylor Plunkett-Clements and Nate Biagiotti.
Direction and Powerpoint by Taylor Plunkett-Clements

Five Dollar Comedy Week April 2018

grosslesque 2.jpg

Grosslesque was the Bards’ first foray into producing burlesque shows! Conceived by Libby Reindl, Grosslesque featured gross and experimental burlesque and variety routines. Libby Reindl hosted as the friendly raccoon Long Thing the Trash Queen with performances by Honeytree Evileye, Liberty Rose, Eric Jaffe, Renaissance Noir, Taylor Plunkett-Clements, Sean Sullivan and Queer Bait.

This show was presented to a sold out crowd as a part of Good Good Comedy Theater’s Five Dollar Comedy Week.

If you would like to see Grosslesque come to a bar near you, shoot us an email at humnbards@gmail.com