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Good Good Comedy Theatre
215 N. 11th St. (11th & Race)

Reserve $5 Tickets Here (no fees!):

A garbage truck full of the weirdest most experimental and unsettling burlesque performances hosted by a Trash Qween Raccoon.

Taylor Plunkett-Clements
Wyatt A, Michaeel
Eric Jaffe
Honeytree EvilEye
Liberty Rose
Renaissance Noir
Shannon Fahey & Rose Luardo

Hosted by Libby Reindl


Part of Five Dollar Comedy Week!

Presented by Good Good Comedy Theatre

Co-Produced by The Hum'n'Bards


Our Beginnings


In 2012 Wyatt Michael and Jasmine Kojouri were living together in an artist community, and spent their days spitballing ideas for a theater company that devised original musicals.

Flash forward to 2016, where Wyatt Michael and Taylor Plunkett-Clements worked together in a gelato shop in Philadelphia. Taylor spent many shifts sharing her ideas and dreams of performing, while Wyatt scrawled out lyrics on receipt paper. Jasmine was living across the country in Las Vegas, but the group wanted to collaborate despite the distance.   Wyatt had an idea for a show, and with a swift kick in the butt from Taylor, and Jasmine’s ability to direct in an unconventional creation process,  the group created Pangaea.  

The show was inspired by our once united continent that is now dispersed into the many continents we know today. It explored how we connect over distance and time, and is the foundation of what would become The Hum’n’bards.   

In September of 2016, The Hum'n'Bards made their debut in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival with Pangaea.  

Any universal truth is true,
anywhere in the universe.
— Pangaea: A Folk Opera

Our Mission


We at the Hum'n'bards believe that art needs to be accessible to people, regardless of financial ability.  Therefore, we do not require people to pay to see our shows, but we do invite them to pay as much or as little as they feel is appropriate. 

If you are currently in a position to support us, you can make a donation here.



Wyatt A. Michael, Jasmine Kojouri, Taylor Plunkett-Clements, Travis Fischbach

Christina Higgins, Jeremy Adam, Eric Jaffe, Libby Reindl




Coming soon to Bandcamp!

Pangaea: A Folk Opera
The Official Soundtrack!

We know it's been a while, but making your first soundtrack takes a lot of work and our team is small but mighty. 

We will have the full soundtrack available on Bandcamp soon, but for now, please enjoy this cut-for-time song written by Wyatt Michael.

This song is available for as little as ZERO dollars, but you can pay as much as you'd like. Donations help us pay the artists who donate so much of their time to keep The Hum'n'Bards running. In the next year we hope to record the soundtrack to Glister (featuring BOTH casts!) and we have something amazing planned for Fringe 2018. A donation of just $1 can help make that an even sparklier reality. 



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If you would like to make a one time donation to our Annual Fund, you can do so here!

Your donation will go towards paying actors, musicians, designers and videographers.

It will pay for costumes, props, advertising and glitter. 

Someday we hope this money will go towards buying a permanent space, where we can hold rehearsals, workshops and classes.

We thank you in advance for your support.


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